Eid blessings, what’s your Eid Program?

by vyyvaa

today is the last day of Ramadhan, it was a very kind month to me and my family, may it always be a part of my life in good health and forgiveness from God.

i’m determined this Eid to have a program for Eid. usually it goes like this:

wake up pretty early, before 6 mainly, dress up and the kids and hubby too, have breakfast, go to Eid prayer, do social rounds, starting from in laws, going thru aunties and uncles, and ending at mom’s. lunch at mom’s. and get together with family same house for photo’s and chit chat. usually this is eid šŸ™‚ but thats a wrap too soon of course. this Eid i’m gonna try to focus more on fun for me and kids together. since i always run away from crowded places at eid. this year.. i’m not gonna šŸ™‚

the first day will be the same, add to that a trip to mall 360 to witness eid celebrations.

second day breakfast at in-laws and get together. afternoon either go to avenues or discovery mall, whoever has the most interesting eid program.

third day breakfast at my place to neighbours, and see friends for a movie in the afternoon.

what’s your eid programs? would love to have some ideas.