thought trailing and alone time

by vyyvaa


people keep saying that the one thing you will definitely miss once you are married and have kids is sleep! for me, the one thing i deeply miss is alone time. that i’ve come to cherish work hours more, since them make me a better wife, a better parent. none the less, real alone time, just lying in bed, or sitting on a chair, not watching tv, nor reading a book, or staring at the phone, only sitting and doing nothing, and letting the thought trail me away. i miss that, and the few times i have a chance of it quickly disappear with a crying baby or a shout out from ot on where have i been.

this morning, the third day of Eid. and by the way, i really had a great eid! well planned with lots of family visits, and tons of fun time for kids. so… this morning, i was visiting family as well, the cousins, and the same feeling that i get every time i call them has taken over me, just the thought of calling them gets me back and forth on the phone. i eventually do call.. of course every time!! and i told them i’m coming over for breakfast. i did go, and saw of couple of them waiting for me with their mother.

they shared some memories of their time with us. their brief ten days stay with us, how mom was so rigid and all by the law and order, how big sis was so scary that they didnt even get close to the stairs leading up to her room, how i was the sweet cousin, the adeventurous one, the one that showed them all around our insider streets allies.

this is the part that i love, memories of us together, this is a part that gives me hope we can actually be as tight as alot of cousins out there, wish they will make the effort to visit us as much as we have tried, wish at least they make it during official holidays at least! after a recent visit to reyadh, and seeing how tight some cousins can be…. i wish from the bottom of my heart that kind of closeness with them… but love cant be forced, its just cant.

as a gift to their mother, i bought her a wooden food tray, its really nice, one that she can use regularly, i wish that every time she uses it, that she would mention who bought it for her, and it just might…. just might spark within them the attempt to consider visting us.