Coming Birthday, 33 Years Old

by vyyvaa

In approximately 9 days, i will be officially 33 years old!!! this sounds very mature, and i think i am there, i’ve grown alot in the past year.. so i’m gonna use this post to reflect on it…

  1. i started teaching Hajar Qoran
  2. i’ve fed my curiousity in the social circle to the point that i am now at ease.
  3. i’m certain that my tongue is my only enemy
  4. going on a regular exercise routine
  5. took my relationship with the in-laws to a different more stable level
  6. started a saving plan, and stuck to it allll the way
  7. killed Ot’s Debt

my wishes for this birthday is that i have an unbelievably and beamingly happy memorable day, i wish i wish i wish to remember it with my loved ones starting with my husband and kids, mom, siblings, friends, in-laws, and neighbours.

9 days is enough to plan such happiness i hope 🙂