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by vyyvaa


In an attempt to be more collective, and as a contagious reaction from one of my blogger friends, I am now back to blogging. The thing about blogging really is sometimes i wish to focus on one area, say parenting, but that’s not only me.. maybe i wanna focus about marriage, and that’s not all i have. so i’m back to blogging to blog about my world, i called it vyyvaa world.

last time a blogged is more than a year back.. so lots of things happened since then, yes we haven’t increased our family size, but Hajar has gone from KG to reception to now year 1… Ebrahim has moved from totally chaotic to much more defined strong character…. my love Ot has found a new calling that motivates him to wake up… i moved to a new group at work, which at first sounded like a good idea, but now serves as the worst decision of my life…. at work, i think i’m at survival mode. and i do wish it will change soon. 

since i have no idea where i will begin, and in which areas i will tap into.. i will close this post, and start fresh tomorrow, so long…