Standing Out

by vyyvaa

It used to be easy standing out in the crowd, but now.. every one is the same, nothing holds an edge of beauty, power, or modernism…. maybe there is still room for characters to stand out… but who cares about character any more?

its almost 11 p.m., the kids and hubby are asleep, its my favorite time of the day, when i have the house all for my self, and the only thing that bothers me is the clock is still ticking, can’t it just stop for a few hours so i can enjoy and unwind as much as i need? when we spend the whole day running from task to another, from role to role…. and we still feel there are things we missed, and should have taken care of…

Hajar is doing very well, i’m happy about her, she is a smart girl, an obedient one, she is hyper and moves all the time, but that’s just something beyond her control…. Ebraheem on the other hand is enjoying every second of his age, and living it by the book, he has so much of his dad’s character, i also feel he has characteristics from my dad… which i love… i feel he is going to turn out manly, and rough…. but i believe also he will be kind … just like Ot…

Ot is doing great too, very involved with his mosque community now, and without it beyond of negative effect on his character, he still struggles with his sleeping habits, but i’ve come to finally accept this is who he is.. and he too can not help it.

Isn’t serenity a gift? ….. i do love it very much, although i dont know how to deal with it sometimes, but when i do know, it turns out great, i’ve come to also love crafty stuff, and hope through it i will be able to control my impatience… my biggest flaw.


good night