A Love Letter to My Wife . . .

by vyyvaa

My dear wife,

Yesterday, I received a blank message from you, I felt right away so much in it should have been written, but whatever memory in the phone simply isn’t enough, I totally understand you, I totally understood you from the moment we decided to get married, and the first time we held hands.

The reason that we got married must be the most bizarre reason for any marriage in history, yet I felt right away your passion over flowing, every time I held your hand to walk in the streets of Medina, you were trembling with joy, it seems so difficult for you to learn how to let go of my hand, now after a year of marriage, you are still unable to do it. And I love you for that.

Do you remember the last day just before we came home? I was supposed to go to the airport before you, and we were holding hands so tight, so tight it pierced through my heart, your heart was beating so hard, you could barely breathe it felt you were in a marathon, I felt so strong against your weakness, I didn’t know what to do except to squeeze you in my arms and let my flight go… instead of you.

While it was difficult for me to come to you, I couldn’t not come, I felt the blank message speaking to me, and informing me of how you are, I promised you from the moment I realized you love me that I will never let a day go without our presence together. In a way, it is my fault; I’m the one who made you get used to sleeping with me….

My beautiful, that was difficult I know, I want you to know that I love you so much it is the only meaningful thing that occupies my mind, I love you so much I wish that I don’t waste time sleeping, it’s better spent holding hands with you.

Today is your day, so it’s a happy day, and I’m looking forward to see your pretty eyes smiling, and your lips tremble, your hands shake, your body weakens… I’m so looking forward to conquer you over and over again.

From your husband,