The December before the next year

by vyyvaa

what a year 2014 was…. not the best year of my life, not the worst…. i had to come face to face with marital problem frequently, to the point i thought of separation.

marriage is so difficult, i know what lessons i need to learn and i come face to face with them, but oh how difficult are they?

for example acceptance… i need to accept my partner for who he is, but its so difficult, somethings are not easy to accept…

I guess since im coming back to this blog from time to time, i need to capture the year….


this is the year i got a scholarship to study abroad, that was a major turning point, and im very excited for 2015 to start that Journey.

i became obsessively excellent with my job

i had one of the best / worst trips of my life: SF 2014… I LOVE YOU, and i hate hating you for what happened.

this is the year that i lost the friendship of my boss, the good relationship that we had was completely gone with the wind when my relationship with the big boss got better.

i discovered my kids have ADHD, and learnt and still learning how to deal with it

i became very thin… and very fat.

i went to omra and almadina, madina was so pretty and relaxing.

i went to al hasa to visit our extended family, it was a one nighter… loved it

i bought my brother’s share in dad’s house

i invested in my kids artistically

….. im in no writing mode… i’ll try and come back soon my blog.