Walking Straight

by vyyvaa

Imageas i wrote before, most of the complaints i recieve about me in work is that i am too serious, i sometimes go by zero-tolerance in my tasks, so one of the items i have is committing to an event end of december, and making sure everyone is adhering to the rules. and given we are approaching evaluation time, there is a lot of rug-pulling acts on the table.

today is particulary sad, because i confirmed today one of the people that i thought was righteous and kind, turned out to be a certified hypocrite and self centered. and instead of wining about him for hours/paragraphs. i decided to go to him straight and clear my case, i did, and he greeted me with the happiest of faces and most thankful.

but i know come evaluation time; or just the sight of my back, i will get a stab.

salute for walking straight girl. we’ll see in two months time if your straight walking is giving you the credit you deserve.