Awkward feeling among others

so im in the mosque, our friday gathering here in colorado, and its awful… every friday i feel the same thing, the girls talking to each other about stuff that i have no idea about, and it only tells me one thing: they’ve been meeting over the week, and no one invited me ….

i dont know when will i ever grow up and get over this feeling of non-belonging, i hate why people always put me in this situation, im always finding myself the girl whos fidgeting trying to find a thing to do to avoid the awkwardness of not being involved in the conversation… since i know nothing about it.

im the nicest person in the world, but for some reason, nice doesnt pay any more.



its been along time since i posted, i know its unfair to you my blog that i post out of sadness, and i never told you about the million beautiful things that happened to me over the last few months… but i just had to write it to you.. thank you for listening … and being there for me aw always…